Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Meet the New Boss"

A spreadsheet summary of Tuesday's mid-term Gubernatorial, US Senate and US House elections for the ten mainstem Mississippi River states is available now at this link (updated in real time as warranted).  The summary contains no adjustments for the watershed boundary, itself (i.e., the information includes House districts within a border state but outside the watershed). The information has been presented in PDF format for those who don’t necessarily want to use or adapt the spreadsheet. If you would like a copy of the original spreadsheet to work with and adapt on your own, please email Mark Gorman ( The summary includes some notes on individual election result implications. Here are some other, “35,000-foot,” first-cut observations:
  • There were 92 electoral contests in the ten states. As of now, four races (two US House and two Governor’s election outcomes) are still too close to call.
  • Republicans gained in 21 contested races (three Senate, three Governor, 15 House)
  • Democrats gained in one House race; held onto one contested Gubernatorial seat (Arkansas) and 26 House seats; and lost three Senate seats
  • In 66 contests there was no change in the party in power

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