Thursday, October 8, 2015

Capitol Hill This Week - What to Watch For

On Thursday, October 8, House Republicans will pick Speaker John Boehner's successor to run the chamber and are also expected to select a new slate of leaders to help the new Speaker do his or her job.  That political drama will consume much of the House members' collective energy and attention this week, leaving little for bill markups and debates, or hearings.  The Senate's calendar is relatively sparse, as well.  Both chambers may be looking beyond this week toward the Columbus Day week's recess to follow.

Below are the congressional committee meetings currently scheduled for the week that relate to Mississippi River Basin natural resources.  The only currently-planned meetings include wildfire and invasive species hearings, and a Senate Committee business meeting to consider (among other items) a handful of regulatory reform bills that were the subject of a Committee hearing last month, and by and large have bipartisan support.

Links are provided to the relevant committee web pages and pieces of legislation. Many Congressional proceedings are webcast live, and these may be, as well (follow the respective meeting or hearing link).  All times are Eastern. This information will be updated as warranted.

  • Senate Homeland Security and Government Oversight business meeting to consider several pieces of legislation, including the following regulatory reform bills: S. 708, to establish an independent advisory committee to review certain regulations, S. 1607, to affirm the authority of the President to require independent regulatory agencies to comply with regulatory analysis requirements applicable to executive agencies, S. 1818, the "Principled Rulemaking Act of 2015," to reform the rule making process of agencies, S. 1820, to require agencies to publish an advance notice of proposed rule making for major rules, and S. 1817, to improve the effectiveness of major rules in accomplishing their regulatory objectives by promoting retrospective review; 10:00 AM, room 342 Dirksen Senate Office Building.
  • House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry hearing to review the 2015 fire season and long-term trends; 10:00 AM, room 1302 Longworth House Office Building.
  • POSTPONED - House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Interior hearing on invasive species policy (details will be forthcoming later this week); 9:00 AM, room 2247 Rayburn House Office Building.

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