Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mississippi River Basin News Blurbs of the Day (along with keyboard reactions)

Recent news items posted via our Twitter feed:
Wisconsin Rep. and Appropriation Committee Chair Dave Obey retiresAnd the battle begins for his soon-to-be-empty chair.
Senate Majority Leader Reid to colleagues: Senate might have to shorten August recess to deal with pressing issuesThe August heat in DC can be a mighty strong impetus for getting things done.
Kansas asks US Supreme Court to settle long-running Republican River water withdrawal case vs CO & NEKansas says it isn't getting the water it deserves from upstream; a portent of things to come?
Army Corps reports that Mississippi River will double its flow over the next two weeks from upstream stormsTennessee waters recede and move downstream.
Bloomington MN trying to manage water quality in its storm water pondsGreen and algae-choked now (I'll be in Bloomington in two weeks for an UMRBA meeting and will check it out).
EPA has issued new water infrastructure guidelines. Designed to dissuade sprawl and promote smart growth.  Promoting smartness is smart.
EWG report: Most US farm subsidies go to only 10% of recipients; Reaction to the report hereThe debate continues . . . the point-counterpoint deliberations over who should get how much of limited federal funds is like the song that never ends.
USDA Secretary Vilsack to host Summit of Rural America to inform program and policy discussions: Hillsboro, MO, June 3Listening well is the first rule of wise governing.
Water, conservation programs, bark beetles & dairy topped the agenda at Tuesday's House Ag Committee Farm Bill hearingThe Farm Bill is immense, and so will be the number of topics discussed in the lead-up to its 2012 reprise.
Des Moines Iowa not slowing down livability efforts - after being named best for business and careersThere are some good restaurants there based on my limited experience.
Cumberland River Begins to Recede in TennesseeAnd the water moves on toward the Gulf (see above), which could use some extra River dilution assistance about now.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Gulf Coast spill could help Senate pass energy billHope springs eternal . . . as does leaking crude.

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