Monday, January 3, 2011

Northeast-Midwest Institute Appoints New President and CEO

Allegra Cangelosi has been appointed President and CEO of the Northeast-Midwest Institute, beginning January 2011.  She assumes the position following two decades of service to the NEMW Coalitions and Institute handling linked environmental and economic opportunities associated with ecosystem restoration, especially in the Great Lakes, and prevention of invasive species introductions to the region.  Prior to working with the NEMW Coalitions and Institute, Ms. Cangelosi was environmental staffer for the Coalition of Northeastern Governors.  In her new position as President and CEO of the NEMWI, Ms. Cangelosi plans to launch new tools and processes by which the NEMWI can reliably deliver high quality information services on on existing and emerging issues to the NEMW region's elected leadership in Congress, States and cities, and regional stakeholders generally.  In her new role, Ms. Cangelosi will retain leadership of the Great Ships Initiative, an important project of the NEMWI.

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