Friday, August 26, 2011

University of Minnesota's River Life Announces New, Enhanced Web Site

The River Life web site is very rich in information and well worth visiting on an ongoing basis.  The following new web site announcement was received from the River Life folks this morning.

River Life, a program of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, is pleased to announce the launch of our new web site at

Launched in late August, 2011, the web site reflects our evolving program and our commitment to help our audience learn more about rivers and river issues. River Life uses social media, a digital atlas, and case study reports to develop and share knowledge on the scientific and professional practices that create inclusive, sustainable rivers. We discuss science, planning, engagement, inclusion, sustainability and river issues in a spatialthoughtful, and timely manner.

While visiting the web site you can explore useful and interesting River Resources, keep up-to-date on what has caught our attention in the media in the River Portal, and examine the stories of how communities and individuals have lived with the river at River Stories. Make the river a part of your curriculum or teaching and get on the ground experience with the river as a part of River Rangers. See how stories, resources, and issues connect spatially with the River Atlas – a bird’s eye view of rivers and river issues. For more information you can read our River Talk blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Rivers represent perhaps the most complex biological and physical systems in the world. Yet our great rivers are threatened: water quality and quantity both are at peril from overuse, from competing uses, and from a generalized failure to recognize how valuable and imperiled the resource really is. Our work is grounded in a conviction that future river managers will need to be conversant in the sciences, public policy, design, planning, and in the engagement programs that reach the broadest sectors of the populace.

There’s great work happening all over.  Exemplary projects, programs, and places.  All this and more at the River Life site  Go take a look and tell us what you think!

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