Friday, September 23, 2011

Mississippi River Basin Water Resource News for the Week

Notable @UpperMiss Twitter Postings for the Week 

Agriculture -
  • U of TN Agricultural Policy Analysis Center editorial on farmers regaining the high ground on environmental issues
  • A good summary of current state of Farm Bill, budget and policy landscape:
  • Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) to farmers: ag subsidies may soon disappear
  • Farm groups rushing to craft ideas for overhauling farm subsidies as congressional deficit supercommittee starts work
  • Editorial: farm-bill historians will look back on 2011 as a Farm Bill / farm policy turning point year
  • Obama's proposed $3 trillion in tax & spending cuts would cut USDA farm programs by $33 billion over 10 years
  • USDA Secretary Vilsack: crop insurance industry should be able to live with additional cuts in federal subsidies
  • President's debt reduction plan would eliminate direct farm payments; cut public crop insurance support
  • Negative reactions from various parties on Obama debt reduction farm cuts:
  • Farm lobby's power "withers" in the face of looming federal budget cuts
  • Cooler weather has arrived in Arkansas but a severe drought lingers
  • Climatewire: Farmers in Southern Plains brace for multi-year drought (PDF file)
  • Bill being drafted in US House to reduce federal fuel ethanol use mandate when corn supplies are tight
Water Quality -
Water Resource Management (Floodplains, Dams, Navigation, Flooding, etc.) -
  • Army Corps of Engineers commissions study of its handling of Missouri River Basin flood control
  • Army Corps: Price tag for 2011 floods estimated at $2 Billion; Corps has $150 Million on hand
  • Rep King (R-IA-5); 11 cosponsors introduce bill directing Army Corps to revise Missouri River Water Control plan
  • Univ of MN's Pat Nunnally suggests people view Mississippi River from new perspective
  • Col. Margaret Burcham receives command of Army Corps Great Lakes and Ohio River Division
  • Mississippi River sandbars snag barge traffic as River levels drop
  • Researchers' Chance Viewing of River Cutoff Forming Provides Rare Insight (ScienceDaily)
  • Following flow thru spillway to relieve Mississippi River flooding, MS seeks oysters, shrimp disaster declaration
Biodiversity, Wildlife and Invasives -
  • MN DNR 2007 plan to build underwater Asian Carp barrier across Mississippi River has gone nowhere fast
  • MN council charged with distributing funds for outdoors projects sets aside $3 M to fight invasive Asian carp
  • IL DNR launches program to help eradicate both Asian carp and hunger
  • Mississippi biologists to begin sampling for endangered pallid sturgeon in Mississippi River
  • NY Times: Can the paddlefish sustain itself in northeastern reaches of Mississippi River Basin?
  • Invasive plants found in popular Mississippi River waterfowl area
  • Rock Snot Threatens Missouri's Aquatic Ecosystems (TV news video)
  • Beetle Being Used to Battle Milfoil in Minneapolis MN area
  • Ag Secretary Salazar Announces New Members of Invasive Species Advisory Committee
Federal Budget -
Gulf Coastal Area-
Events -
  • Water Footprint Network to Host Global Water Footprint Training Course; Nov 15-17, Washington, DC
  • Save the date: USGS briefing on nutrients & water quality modeling; updates from MN & TN officials; Washington DC; Oct 28 (details later)
e-Newsletters, Publications and Journals -
Other news-
Political Scene -
  • Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) files to run for WI US Senate seat
  • Obama's new debt reduction plan begins more combative phase of presidency likely to last until 2012 election
  • Former state Rep. Hoffman (D) will challenge US Rep. Johnson (R) in newly competitive IL 13th district
  • Rep Walsh (R-IL) announces re-election bid setting up face-off between 2 GOP members in redrawn 14th district Earl Ray Tomblin up 10% in race for WV governor’s spot (Oct. 4 special election)
Last Word - "Anonymous U.S. Officials Push Open Government" - AP headline  (to read the somewhat surrealistic dialogue between a reporter and the Federal moderator at Tuesday's briefing announcing the Open Government initiative, see here)

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