Tuesday, September 6, 2011

USGS Water Quality SPARROW Model “Featured Collection” in Journal of the American Water Resources Association

There will be a USGS Water Quality SPARROW Model “Featured Collection” in the next issue of the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (here is a related USGS press release).  The full articles are available for reviewing on line now. 

Here is a listing of key articles – all available with full public access - that have a bearing on nutrient loading modeling and load reduction management and planning (not included below but available in the Journal are additional articles that are of a regional nature and outside of the Mississippi River Basin and Gulf of Mexico, including the Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes regions):
  • New USGS SPARROW models for 6 United States regions help to target nutrient pollution reduction efforts http://bit.ly/qaBPl3
  • Nutrient Sources and Transport in the Missouri River Basin, With Emphasis on the Effects of Irrigation and Reservoirs http://bit.ly/ojRT44
  • Sources and Delivery of Nutrients to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico From Streams in the South-Central United States http://bit.ly/q6fYmj
  • Source and Delivery of Nutrients to Receiving Waters in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States http://bit.ly/q4CUd9
  • The Regionalization of National-Scale SPARROW Models for Stream Nutrients http://bit.ly/ojMwi7
  • Factors Affecting Stream Nutrient Loads: A Synthesis of Regional SPARROW Model Results for the Continental United States http://bit.ly/oFBB7i
  • Nutrient Loadings to Streams of the Continental United States From Municipal and Industrial Effluent http://bit.ly/rh45Hz
  • Nutrient Dataset Used to Estimate Loads, Improve Monitoring Design and Calibrate Regional Nutrient SPARROW Models http://bit.ly/mRBOD6
  • Web-Based Decision Support System for Assessing Regional Water-Quality Conditions and Management Actions http://bit.ly/p9rtHQ

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