Monday, June 4, 2012

Nominations Solicited for Federal Invasive Species Advisory Committee

The National Invasive Species Council (NISC) recently placed a call for applications for its Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC) in the Federal Register, and there are a number of slots held by state and other stakeholder representatives that may open up given that a number of ISAC members are leaving the Committee or going through a re-application process. The purpose and role of the ISAC are to provide advice to the NISC on a broad array of issues, including preventing the introduction of invasive species, providing for their control, and minimizing the economic, ecological, and human health impacts that invasive species cause. NISC is Co-chaired by the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, and Commerce, and is charged with providing coordination, planning and leadership regarding invasive species issues. For example, NISC developed a 2008-2012 National Invasive Species Management Plan, which is available on the Web here. Persons serving on ISAC are reimbursed for travel costs related to the two ISAC meetings each year (one in Washington, DC and one somewhere else in the U.S.). More information on ISAC can be found here.

The deadline for applications is June 18, 2012.  If you would be interested in serving on the ISAC or know of anyone who might be interested, you (or they) are encouraged to apply using the process described in the Federal Register announcement (PDF file link here).

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