Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Senate Reaches Farm Bill Amendment Deal - Voting Starts Today

Senate Democrats announced last evening that the Senate had reached a Farm Bill amendment deal and that floor debate on the amendments would start this afternoon (Tuesday), with a goal of bill passage by Friday. The amendment package, which was agreed to by unanimous consent, includes measures both germane and non-germane to the farm bill. Details of the 73-amendment agreement and amendment vote floor schedule are here.  Tuesday afternoon's floor consideration kicks off three days of brief debates and roll call votes on 58 of the farm bill amendments. Fifteen amendments will be made by voice vote.  Sixty votes will be needed to attach non-germane proposals to the final farm bill ("non-germane" amendments such as Republican proposals to cut federal funding for political conventions and ban food aid to North Korea). The most contentious germane amendment would do away with proposed cuts to food stamps (also known as SNAP) and make up for the $4.5 billion SNAP cost with cuts to subsidized crop insurance.

Here is a Roll Call article from last night on the deal: Senate Agrees onWay Forward on Farm Bill. And here is a Politico article on the agreement: Big breakthrough on farmbill.

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