Monday, December 3, 2012

Mississippi River Basin Events Calendar Launched

The Northeast-Midwest Institute's Mississippi River Basin Blog has launched an on-line "Mississippi River Basin Events Calendar," which will list information of upcoming meetings, workshops, webinars, briefings, conferences and other events that might be of interest to those with a stake in the sustainable economy and environment of the River Basin.  The event calendar will be available through a direct link (link here) and will appear within the Blog, itself, on the upper right hand corner of the Blog page.  It will routinely be updated with events, as they are received (and that are also listed weekly in the Blog's "Mississippi River Basin Water Resource News for the Week").  Calendar information will include the event name, location and dates, as well as a link to follow for additional event information.

If you or your organization have an appropriate event that you would like to have listed on the calendar, please contact your FNB (Friendly Neighborhood Blogger) with the relevant details.

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