Friday, November 30, 2012

Congressional Leaders Announce 2013 Legislative Calendars

Congressional leaders announced legislative calendars today for 2013 that (unlike recent years) match each other quite closely.  In fact through the first ten months of 2013, they match each other exactly.

House 2013 Calendar
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The first day of the Congressional 2013 session will be Thursday, January 3, as required by the Constitution. Scheduled recesses in both chambers of Congress will fall on the weeks of February 18 (beginning on Presidents Day), March 25, April 5 (including both Passover and Easter), April 29, May 27 (beginning on Memorial Day), July 1 (including Independence Day), and October 14 (starting on Columbus Day).  The summer recesses for both the House and Senate will begin on August 5 and last five weeks until the Monday (September 9) following Labor Day.

The Senate will not recess after that, although the House will recess the weeks of November 4 and 25, and adjourn for the year by December 13.  As is tradition, the Senate has set no target adjournment date.

Here are links to the respective House and Senate calendars.

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