Saturday, February 12, 2011

House Republicans propose deeper cuts to Federal spending

As anticipated, House Republicans unveiled a spending resolution Friday night that would cut federal spending in numerous programs that relate directly to Mississippi River Basin restoration and conservation, including USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, Agricultural Research Service, NOAA Operations, Research and Facilities, Corps of Engineers Investigations, Construction, Mississippi River and Tributaries projects, and Operation and Maintenance, NOAA Operations, Research and Facilities, and numerous Fish and Wildlife, EPA and USGS programs (see background story on the budget issues here).

The GOP's Continuing Resolution (CR) would appropriate money for Federal spending from the beginning of March, when the current CR expires, through the remainder of the 2011 Fiscal Year, which ends September 30. The full list of the House Republicans' proposed cuts can be found here (as a pdf file).  And here is a link to the full (360-page) House Continuing Resolution, which the House will begin considering on Tuesday, with debates scheduled throughout the remainder of the week.

President Obama is expected to deliver his own budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2012 on Monday.

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  1. House Appropriations Chairman Rogers (R-KY-5th): "The cuts to the EPA alone represent 69 percent of the bill's reduction compared to last year's level."