Friday, February 18, 2011

Regional Voices Inform the Budget Debate

Discussions centering around continued 2011 and upcoming 2012 Federal funding will certainly focus on programs central to Mississippi River Basin issues of water quality, water resource planning, navigation, infrastructure, agriculture, invasive species and many others. The debate within the DC Beltway will be best served if it is well-informed by educated perspectives from the River Basin region.  

House Members and Senators representing your Congressional district or state would benefit from hearing your views. Contact information for their House and Senate offices can be found here and here, respectively.  For those wishing to contact House and Senate appropriators on Federal funding issues, members of the House Appropriations Committee (web page here) and its subcommittees can be found on page two of our House committee member listing, here. Senate Appropriations Committee members are listed on the Committee web page, here and its subcommittee members are listed here.  The appropriations subcommittees with jurisdiction over funding for Federal departments and agencies that manage key River Basin programs, and links to their web pages are:

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