Tuesday, May 24, 2011

June 14 Stakeholder Meeting on EPA’s Development of New or Revised Recreational Water Quality Criteria

A June 14 2011 Stakeholder Meeting has been scheduled in New Orleans, Louisiana (9:00 am Central) to provide a forum for interested persons to provide input to EPA on the development of new or revised recreational water quality criteria.

 Recreational Water Quality Criteria are designed to protect swimmers from illness caused by exposure to pathogens in recreational waters. The existing criteria are more than 20 years old. Since then, according to the EPA, "scientists have learned much about molecular biology, virology, and analytical chemistry. This new information will help us build a stronger scientific foundation for up-to-date recreational water quality criteria."

At the June 14 meeting, EPA will seek stakeholder feedback on EPA’s evaluation, synthesis, summarization and statistical analysis of relevant research conducted to date, and on the development of options for the overall structure and content of the criteria. 

The stakeholder meeting will be the fourth in a series of public input forums on the issue. EPA conducted three multi-stakeholder meetings (one internet-based) in 2008, 2009 and 2010. An agenda for the June 14 meeting is available as a PDF file here.

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