Friday, May 6, 2011

Mississippi River Basin Water Resource News for the Week

Notable @UpperMiss Twitter Postings for the Week: 

Water Quality-
Flooding, Floodplains, Dams and Navigation -
Agriculture -
In the States -
  • MN Residents, Agencies Look for Ways to Keep Sediment, Nutrients Out of Mississippi River
  • Ohio EPA planning to change water quality rules through new regulatory package
  • MN DOH: Minnesota's big walleye lakes low in/free of perfluorochemicals; no need for additional advisories
  • MO Gov. Nixon vetoes state bill restricting CAFO lawsuits
Biodiversity, Wildlife and Invasives -
Federal Budget -
Higher-than-expected Federal tax income means that the demand for US borrowing has eased somewhat and that the latest possible date when Federal borrowing would be below the debt ceiling, even using all of the accounting measures that the Treasury Department can utilize, has been pushed back three weeks until the first week of August, the last week before the Congressional summer recess is set to begin.  That is the date that Congress would have to pass legislation agreeable to the Administration to raise the debt ceiling (and allow more Federal borrowing).  Some conservative House Members and Senators have said that they will resist raising the debt ceiling unless Democrats and the Obama Administration agree to push through deep spending cuts for the 2012 Fiscal Year and beyond.  The stories highlighted below describe the current state of budget negotiations.
Upcoming Events -
  • National Research Council to host Conversation on US Climate Choices; May 12; 4-6:30 PM EST; Washington, DC
  • 2011 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress; May 22-26, Palm Springs, CA
  • July 6 - 22 (or smaller portions of that entire trip): St Crois River Assoc "Paddle the St. Croix River"
  • Growing Sustainable Communities Conference; Dubuque, IA; Oct 12; theme: “Economy, Engagement, Eco-Efficiencies"
  • Free webinar: Adaptation in a Changing Climate and its impact on National Security; June 22
Political Scene -
  • MO Legislature overrides Gov Nixon's redistricting bill veto
  • Pew study: "independents" not monolithic voting block; there are 3 basic kinds
  • Rep. Pence (R-IN) announces he will run for governor instead of seeking re-election to Congress
  • New Senate GOP bill (S. 892) aims to consolidate Dept of Energy and USEPA; press release:
Gulf Coastal Area-
Other news-
  • Study: Environmental footprint assessments can lead to adoption of less environmentally sound practices
  • Journal Science study: Climate change has already impacted crop yields worldwide since 1980
Last word -
"The Oval Office, I always thought I was going to have really cool phones and stuff. I’m like, c’mon guys, I’m the President of the United States. Where’s the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up? It doesn’t happen.” - President Obama discussing technological bottlenecks at a Chicago Illinois fundraiser

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