Friday, March 13, 2015

What We Learned This Week - "Clear and Present Danger"

It's official: the Des Moines Water Works will proceed with a water quality lawsuit against three Iowa counties.   The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission is thinking about easing its rules concerning mercury and other bioaccumulating pollutants.  Both Democrats and Republicans are pushing back against several newly-proposed Minnesota state water quality regulations, while other critics say that the state's year-old agriculture-water quality initiative isn't working.  An Illinois oil train derailment, fire and spill posed an "imminent and substantial danger" to the Mississippi River.  Nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in streams reduces their ability to support aquatic life.   An abandoned Kentucky tobacco factory is being transformed into a massive local food hub.  While Dubuque, Iowa looks to transform a riverside brownfield area into an attractive, multi-purpose place. It's unusually dry in Minnesota, but there's no need to worry yet.  The deep Oklahoma drought continues, and the state Senate is worried; passing a bill to create a committee to analyze possible drought relief projects, including interbasin transfer.  Asian carp "swarm" south of Chicago in the Des Plaines River.  PNC Financial will no longer finance coal-mining companies that pursue mountaintop removal.  And last but not least, most U.S. adults trust their state and local governments more than they do the federal government.

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